Stop, collaborate, and listen. Out of context, it’s an excellent mantra for the latest addition to our community-building initiative.

For most of our company history we’ve dedicated our time to honing the technology behind the software you know today. Our focus moving forward is to bolster something we have plenty of, but haven’t tapped into in a big way: our user community! We want to shape a more visible hub where all of our users can gather and learn from not only our team, but also fellow industry professionals, which is why we’re excited to launch our Community Forum!

Questions? Post a support thread

The forum isn’t intended to be a replacement for our existing email and phone support, but if you have any questions that aren’t time sensitive, we encourage you to post them to the appropriate boards and hear from your peers, as well as our team (who will be moderating the threads and answering any questions left hanging).

  • Register your username: You must be registered in order to post/respond to any threads on the forum. Feel free to use whatever is most comfortable for you, whether that’s your name, your company’s, etc. but keep it appropriate.
  • Introduce yourself: Once you’ve registered an account, you can head over to the “New to the community?” thread and get situated. We’re excited for the chance to get to know our users better.
  • Getting the right answers: We’ve outlined a handy post detailing how to format your support questions. Our team will be monitoring threads diligently, but having accurate information to work off of to get you the resolution you need is indispensable.

Contribute, contribute, contribute!

A forum is only as valuable as its conversations, so we encourage you to share your comments, curiosities, and suggestions. We’ve created boards for getting into the details of hardware specs for your workstations, as well as networking with others in your trade and sharing your work.

We hope you’ll help us in growing this into a welcoming and educational space. So get posting! And in the meantime, take a look at some noteworthy topics to date: