Dixie Carpet Installations got its start back in 1973. The headquarters was in the greater Houston area and the business supplied turnkey services for property managers and general contracts.

Over the years, the company grew quickly and expanded its operations. As of today, Dixie Carpet focuses on multifamily interiors, which span from garden style to mid-rise builds. Each of the company’s locations has local installers to install carpet, rolled goods, luxury vinyl tile, laminate, engineered word, floor tile, and wall tile.

For the growth strategy, Dixie Carpet has invested in technology. And one of the critical tools is Measure Square. “Using Measure Square has helped us significantly,” said Alan Young, who is a CAS and the Senior Vice President of Sales.

The software actually helped the company manage through the COVID-19 pandemic. During the past couple years, Dixie Carpet has aggressively expanded its operations into Denver, Colorado, Atlanta, Georgia, Phoenix and Tucson Arizona.

“Going from a labor-intensive job to a quick and easy to use digital software system has increased our efficiency, organization, accessibility, and most of all, the accuracy in the bidding process,” said Young. “We don’t have to rely on pen and paper calculations. With Measure Square, everything gets done on a tablet and is uploaded to each individual account.”

Another benefit is the collaboration capabilities, which are leveraged from Measure Square’s cutting-edge cloud platform. “Everyone with access can easily pull up the information needed to introduce the bid,” said Young. “With Measure Square, we have a faster and more reliable way to account for materials and labor costs. It is a great benefit for everyone.”